Want to file your taxes hassle free?

We provide you 3 simple steps to file your taxes without making a trip to our office. We make sure you provide everything through our friendly to use secure website. Or if you prefer to drop things off in person, you can visit our office for a more friendly face to face encounter. Either way, we save you time.

Ready to file? Just follow our 3 step process to get you set!

Step 1

For Step 1, all you have to do is gather your documents. Some individuals may not have all of these documents, just upload what you have for now. Here is a short list of documents to provide us.


1. ID (Driver’s License or State ID, SSN Card). If claiming dependent's, provide their SSN cards & birth certificates if available (If you do not have it, we can submit your taxes but cannot promise fast results if the IRS asks for it).

2. Copy of last tax return filed. Bank information where you want your refund deposited.

3. Wage Statements (W2’s or 1099-Misc if you were a contractor).

4. Additional Income Statements (Dividend or interest incomes from investments, unemployment income or social security income)

5. Real Estate Documents (Mortgage taxes paid or Interest paid. Property taxes paid. Exc.)

6. Proof of expenses (Receipts, invoices, medical bills, charitable contributions, IRA contributions, job-hunting expenses, mileage logs, education expenses, self-employment expenses, and more.)

Please click the button below to upload your documents. This is secure and will open another page. Use the Guest Exchange option.

Step 2

Completed Step 1? Great! Give us a call at 302-261-5888 or Email us at to let us know you uploaded your documents. This will expedite your process so you don't have to wait to file.

Step 3

Once we email or call you, review the tax return and sign your tax documents. If you decided to pay upfront and not with your refund, please have your payment information ready to process your payment.

Have questions? Feel free to email us at or call 302-261-5888.