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2018 Tax Season Checklist
This is only a checklist of what you may need for your tax preparation. Not all items will apply to your unique tax situation. When in doubt, bring the information with your records. Tax situations can change from year to year.

 Social Security cards for you, spouse and dependents if not on file
 Driver’s License or State ID#- Now MANDATORY as an added security measure for electronic filing
 Date of birth for you, spouse and dependents if not on file
 Three prior year tax returns if you are a new client
 A voided check or voided deposit slip for direct deposit of refund if your bank info has changed or if you are a new client. Please, verify with bank that routing number applies to direct deposit
 If you have a PO Box for mail, your physical address for determination of city or school district tax obligations
 Verification of residency for a child if you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit or Head of Household (school, childcare, rental/lease agreement, stating the child's address)
 Updated address, phone, and e-mail information, if these have changed since last year
 If you have moved, please provide a paycheck stub closest to move date if school district or locality tax applies


 1099-MISC- Typically for independent contractor work
 1099-C- For cancellation of debt (if you settled for a lower amount on a credit card, you should have received one of these)
 1099-G- For unemployment income, or state and local tax refunds from a prior year (often, these forms are obtained through your online account in regards to unemployment income)
 1099-R- If you receive retirement income or have withdrawn IRA/Retirement funds
 1099-S-For sale of property such as a home or rental property (HUD statement is also helpful)
 1099- DIV, INT, B or K-1’s (your banking institution often issues this or if you sell stock)
 SSA-1099- For Social Security benefits received
 Alimony received as well as the legal name and SS# of the payer of the alimony for agreements prior to 12/31/2018
 Business or farming income and expense records
 Rental property income and expense records
 Miscellaneous Income- Jury duty, gambling winning/losses, Medical Savings Accounts


The following items may reduce the amount of your taxable income or increase your refund.
 1098-E- For student loan interest paid (often, these forms are obtained through your online account from the loan servicing provider)
 For Teachers- Receipts for classroom supplies (an adjustment to income of $250 may be available)
 Records of IRA contributions made during the year if not made through payroll withdrawal
 Self-employed health insurance payment records
 Any self-employed pension plan records
 1099-SA- If you use an HSA for medical expenses. Check your online HSA account for this info


The amounts and thresholds for what is deductible or applies as credit changes on a yearly basis. If you itemized last year or were able to take credit, it does not always mean that you will be eligible this year.
 Child Care Expenses- Include the provider’s name, address, tax ID# and the amount paid. If you have more than one child that you paid childcare expenses for, please allocate the amount paid for each child
 1098-T- For tuition paid to a college or technical institute. These forms are obtained through your online account at the educational institution. The transaction payment summary is also required to complete your tax return and any/all receipts for textbooks or required education supplies.
 Form 1098- Mortgage interest statement. If you do not pay your property taxes through escrow, please include property taxes that you paid for the year. If you have a loan for a camper, houseboat, or condo, you may qualify to claim the interest paid on those items
 Investment Interest Expenses- Typically interest accrued when you buy investment property or fees paid to manage investment accounts
 Charitable Donations- Receipts, canceled checks, or acknowledgment from the organization, in writing
 Medical and Dental Expenses- medical expenses must exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income to be deductible. Include co-pays, deductibles, prescriptions, ambulatory needs, glasses, hearing aids, dental work, COBRA insurance payments, supplemental insurance through Social Security, and medical mileage, to name a few
 Records of Home Business Expenses IF you are Self Employed: Home size/office size, home expenses through the year such as utilities, improvements, or repairs
 Purchase Records for Depreciable Items Used for Business or Rentals- Please provide the type of equipment, date of purchase, whether the item is new or used, and indicate if you carry a loan for the item(s)
 Any Carry-Over Reports from a prior tax year if your return was filed with a different tax professional
 Depreciation Schedules for business or rental property if your return was filed with a different tax professional
 Sales Tax Paid on High-end Items- automobile, camper, motorcycle, boat, etc.

 Estimated Payments made to any Federal, State, School District or Local Authority
 State and local income tax paid as a balance due for a prior tax year
 Prior year refund applied to a current year for any Federal, State, School District or Local tax authority
 Foreign bank account information
 *NEW* 1095-A, 1095-B or 1095-C- Each applies to which type of health insurance coverage you carry.
The 1095-A IS MANDATORY if you purchased health coverage through the Marketplace AKA: “Obamacare.” Your tax return CAN NOT be completed without this document if it applies. You will receive a 1095-B or 1095-C if you have employer health insurance coverage. If so, please include it with your tax documents
 1099-SA- If you use an HSA for medical expenses. This document is often overlooked and necessary to prepare your tax return. Often, you have to go to your online HSA account to print this form
 Any items that you have a question about, or how they may pertain to your tax preparation
 Any notice of outstanding tax obligations, such as a balance due, any levies, or possibility of interception of a refund due to child support, student loan debt or other debt that can be collected through a tax refund